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Grammarly – The Writer’s Best friend

If You are new to writing, you will quickly realise that grammar and spelling play a significant role in achieving online success.

Most people suck at grammar, not to mention that fact that they can’t spell to save their lives. Enter Grammarly!

We discovered this excellent writers tool via an online advertisement and started with the free trial; Boy oh boy! were we amazed, it is so easy to use.

Correcting your spelling and grammar as you go, it is a fantastic tool and surprisingly so very easy to use. With promises of twice as many errors fixed, when using the Grammarly Premium Version, we jumped right in and bought a subscription.

The claims were validated by us in less than a day, not that we consider ourselves Expert writers but we noticed a significant change in the quality of our writing from the word go., this is on average. Not bad, hey!


We here at Plebware, guarantee that by using Grammarly Premium you will get better results in all your writing endeavours, you won’t even have to worry about being sued for plagiarism as the software checks your content against that of billions of web pages as well as from ProQuest’s academic databases.

“To err is human; to edit, divine.” Indeed we can still say “The Keyboard is mightier than the pen”, perhaps even more so now that we own Grammarly Premium.


A confession of a lousy writer made an expert by Grammarly.


When I (Otto Brinkmeier) first started creating websites in 1999.

I was a hopeless writer, how do I know this?


Well, it is rather embarrassing; but here’s the story!

I created that first website with great enthusiasm and thought I was the best Webmaster ever to walk the face of the earth, only to be brought down to size, when a friend of mine, a qualified school teacher took a look at the site. He scolded me for my many spelling mistakes and poor grammar… needless to say, I was shattered.


I made a concerted effort to improve, I even enrolled online for an English Grammar course at Duke University, and must say I developed a whole lot.

But it was not until I discovered Grammarly, that I really got good at writing. Not only does Grammarly help me fix my mistakes as I write.

I am also learning more and more about correct grammar, punctuation and other essential writing skills.


Now I am so confident, I am planning to rewrite the few eBooks I have written, and aim to embark on writing more often, I can’t recommend Grammarly highly enough, don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself, you will thank me.

Yours Sincerely

Otto Brinkmeier

Writing for Pleasure, While Writing For Profit.

Is a skill every internet user should strive to develop; especially if you intend on monetising your online presence; more so if you own a website or blog.


So how would one achieve this? Enter:

The ‘Plebware Tuition™ –  eBook Authors, Guidebook .’

“The keyboard is mightier than the Pen”


Once again, I sit down to write, with a great sense of purpose, I find myself before the keyboard yet still.


This time – for my fourth rewrite of this article.

With a less selfish motive, since this Book is rewritten for you, and with the purpose of Presenting a new weapon for your writers arsenal.


Most of this information can be found if you have time.

And want to do your own research.

However, the TIME YOU WILL SAVE alone.

Would be a more than enough to justify you reading this Article, and downloading the eBook


I have gone to also of trouble to make sure that this Won’t just be Another E-Book,

but that it will be a USEFUL SOURCE OF INFORMATION.


– AS A GIFT TO YOU YOU WILL BE ENTITLED TO: LIFETIME UPDATES OF  ‘Plebware Tuition™ –  eBook Authors, Guidebook .’

Since this eBook is to be, but one, of a series of eBooks.


You will also be glad to know that You will receive

Free access to all future publications – under the Plebware Banner

On all E-Books in the “Guidebook Series”


THE  ‘Plebware Tuition™ –  eBook Authors, Guidebook .’ IS FREE

But It is controlled by the GNU Free Document License, With COPYING and PRINTING ENABLED


The Updates are unrestricted so you can use print And use Balabolka to Read for you

However back to this particular Book which has been Especially contrived and compiled to:


Alter the restricted perceptions – About utilising the Internet,  and using writing as a home-Business platform.

This eBook’s purpose is not only to encourage you,

but also to guide you step by step, on your journey to Writing success.

As it is often said:-

“A journey of epic proportion always starts with one small step.”


 ‘Plebware Tuition™ –  eBook Authors, Guidebook .’

…Is a rule-breaker.


Why this Article?

Why Indeed? Since the market of writing about “E-Book creation”,  Is already a saturated market.

Populated by many professional writers.

People like  – Michel Fortin, Dr Nundley, Mark Joyner and Shelly Lowery. To mention but a few.

Here are two reasons why!

1. To Promote Grammarly

2. To encourage others that they too can write.

When I started out… I was told I could not write,  It was said that my grammar was appalling.

 Today at least I have figured out how to use a spell checker, and I have discovered Grammarly

 I was angered…At the idea of failure, I wanted to write Bodybuilding, Health and fitness, and Cooking eBooks

But instead of becoming disheartened, I decided to go ahead with writing.

What’s more, I will eventually create my own Online Publishing Company.


Thus: “Plebware Tuition™ was born.”

So why? Am I writing an article and an eBook, about a craft, I am not an expert in, in the highly saturated market of “E-Book Creation”.

The fact that, I am laying down my cards, and playing an open hand is simply; that I want to show that the rules can be broken.

And I want to show the ordinary person (Plebware!)  can make a living by writing eBooks.

I don’t just want this article and to be useful to the beginner.

I want it to become a reference for the seasoned writer as well.

It could be said that it was written like a thesis, on E-Writing… and as an advertisement to promote Grammarly

A reference work, to introduce myself to the world.

“The more important aim of education is not knowledge but action.

Let us make Money!

“Actions speak louder than words.”

Does this mean that,

I am trying to convert the cosmos, into a Society of authors?

Although, that could be a great achievement,

Better than having a world, full of unemployed and hungry mortals.

FACT: Writing is the easiest and fastest way to make Money online today, and by incorporating The Grammarly Premium Subscription;
it is almost guaranteed

My real goal is actually two-fold:

1 – To Provide a source of Encouragement.

2 – To Provide writers with a useful Reference Guide


1.    I am trying to encourage you to think about working for yourself.

It need not be as an E-Book writer or author, it can be in any field.

Heck! It does not even have to do with the Internet, it can be anything.

But writing is definitely comfortable enough for anyone to do.

If you are writing about anything other than E-Book Creation, Internet marketing and Web design.

You’ll stand an excellent chance of making a success of it.


2.    I am trying to create a reference guide for established writers.

What is the correct form of Punctuation for this sentence?

References and Quotations to use in your E-Books Links to online resources and more.

From the very onset, I must say anyone can make Money off The Internet.
Yet even though there are probably many people who can write better than I can.
Who have higher education and have more knowledge to share… BUT! WILL NEVER MAKE A PENNY FROM WRITING.


WHY? Because they are lazy…


And don’t like spending time on a computer, their usual excuses would be:

“We don’t have the time.”

“There are better people out there than us.”

Any business endeavour takes time and effort.




                               IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT MAKING MONEY ..READ ON.


What is Writing?

But what is writing, writing is not only just about books and manuscripts.
It is about anything that can be read, letters, poems, reports, newsletters, articles and all forms of commentaries.

Writing can be an Art, it can be Educational, it can be used in stress therapy and a myriad of other applications.

But most importantly, writing can be financially rewarding.
Copy Creation (or textual speech creation) is a skill, that can be acquired by most people.
The reality, is that mostly all of the people reading this can write.


It is not something that comes naturally,

Mainly if it is the first attempt at doing in professionally

It requires practice!

Imagine a musician that never practices. Hard to, isn’t it!

The reality is, it does just not happen.

          So practice you MUST…

There is no question about it, you need to put in the time, and lots of effort to do it right.
Fortunately, the good news is that today, it is even easier than before, with the aid of the PC and Modern Word processors.
Spell checking, finding synonyms, also aiding in grammar checking.
Add to this, Grammarly, the Internet, as a research tool and the excellent old-fashioned-library, with its Reference-Books.
Today You have at your disposal, a collection of the most potent weapons, any writer could wish for.

This Book will teach you the basics about how to write.

Learn how to develop your own unique style, a distinction, that will set you apart from the others. Discover how to use your PC and its software, to its maximum. Increasing it’s potential to make you Money.

Writing – The Voyage of discovery.

Sail on! Sail On! Admonished Christopher Columbus, when his fearful crew begged him to return from the wild ocean ahead, to give up his quest, for a short route to the east.

So goes the legend of the man who discovered the new world.

He was said to be, ten thousand miles, from his expected goal,

But his landfall, after two prolonged months of sailing,

established the Existence of the New World America.


Writing is also a journey of innovation.

Certainly when you have been typing away at the keyboard,

You may ask yourself, “What does all this mean?”

In the throes of HARD-WORK, the answer challenges logic.

We (That is: the other Internet marketers and myself)

Will tell you how much capital you can make, and how satisfied you will feel, which is, not the final outcome, of your writing efforts.

Only in retrospect, can you see the logic of your ways.

What you are really gaining is something far more critical.

Writing is a voyage of discovery.

The financial goals are mere fantasy compared to the ultimate realisation of your creative efforts.

Writing is a spiritual experience, that can put you in control of your life.

As so many converts say:

“It makes you more comfortable with life and yourself.”


Each individual chapter, although hard to write, is a form of recreation, a way for adults to play.

Like all Art Forms, it is a game that celebrates the mind and sets the soul free.

It is a time when your spirit is free to wonder, unfettered by dogma, inhibitions and restrictions.

You seat yourself at the PC.
Full of tension or confusing thoughts, only to discover that once you start to write, that your inner computer, (your mind), has organised all the recent disassociated data into a clear spreadsheet and infused you with a sense of buoyancy.

We are born to be purposeful, but, ironically, creativity often occurs best when we are least purposeful.

Writing this E-Book is a mechanical process of assembling the thoughts that occurred to me during the research period. Though the research itself was tough and tiring physiologically, I felt a mental and spiritual release after the completion of each chapter, this release ensured that my mind was free to do its own thing, to pursue an idea with apparent abandon.

The research had cleared the air, putting the pressures of business into limbo.

Sometimes writers, have the battle to collect their thoughts,

this phenomenon is usually called writers’ block.


We all need recuperation and play.

The water, the trees, the rocks, the search for food, the elements of nature that put us in touch with our primary being, account for the popularity of the sport of fishing. Many of the American Presidents were said to be fishing buffs.

So undoubtedly, many of the problems of the Oval Office found solutions during these playful fishing excursions.

Personally, I find my release and creativity during my weight training sessions at my local gym.

Our minds, like computers, get “Hung up”, physical activities allow us to reset our minds and tap the unconscious for elusive material that completes relationships and releases our creative ability to write.

When problems are consciously insurmountable, take a walk, a run, a swim or a weight workout. They can put your thoughts into proper perspective and provide the answers you want.

You may not find the results of your first writing efforts, very impressive. Nevertheless, you must keep going. Then one day, down the road some distance, you pick up another writer’s review, describing you as a good writer, as a contender, a compatriot worthy of praise, and suddenly there’s a flash of meaning in your life. You’ve established yourself as a writer.

But even more important,

you have acquired a new sensibility and a sense of pride,

that puts your life into perspective.

You’ve made a discovery!

Eureka! You found a new meaning for your life.

So are you ready?

Great! Let us embark, on this journey, of learning to write,

“Writing to make profit and writing to Alter impressions.”


Respecting Copyrights Is Made Easy Using Grammarly

Intellectual Rights of people are protected By the Constitutions of most Countries…

COPYRIGHT Indicates Protection by LAW.

If you find reference material, you want to quote from. Get Permission…

Getting permission will aid you, in practising, your letter writing skills.

Alternatively, if you can’t contact the author, put a Bibliography, at the End of your Article or Book

Where you must mention, reference sources used.

Never copy something verbatim… THAT IS WORD FOR WORD.

If you have to quote a proverb, quotation or saying; Limit yourself to short extracts adding a byline

With the original author’s name.

“The Keyboard Is Mightier Than The Pen”
    Otto Brinkmeier (Slogan For The Plebware Movement)

If you find a concept, you agree with, instead, just rephrase it in your own words.

Never take whole articles and claim them as your own.

Get permission, add a reference to who wrote it. OR REWRITE THE THING IN IT’S ENTIRETY.

Paraphrasing, condensing and using synonyms, are all methods used by professional writers, to stay out of trouble!

If you see this warning attached to Copyright.


All rights reserved throughout the world.

Reproduction in any manner, in whole or part,

in English or other languages, prohibited.


Rather stay away altogether…

Unless you have written permission.

Besides after reading this book.

You will be equipped to create your own textual speech.

So you would not have to pirate.

Just remember the following rule

Copyright infringement is theft.

And can carry a severe penalty…

You don’t want to appear to others as a thief, another reason to acquire Grammarly – and Use Its Plagiarism Checker

Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism destroys credibility, faster than a wildfire; burns down a forest of dead wood.
No successful Business is or was ever built-upon a Tarnished Image.

Grammarly’s amazing Plagiarism Checker will also add a powerful weapon too your writing arsenal.

Punctuation, is also Made easy using Grammarly.

A set of conventional devices used to clarify the meaning of the writing.

These devices are comparable to pauses, gestures and voice inflexions

used to emphasise meaning in speech.

The most basic of all punctuation devices is spacing,

Which separates the words of a sentence from each other

and sets off paragraphs.

Punctuation is also achieved by changes in size and Design of letters,

as in CAPITALS and italics, and by marks

  (. ; : ‘ ‘ ” “`- !? , ( ) { } [ ])

or special signs

  (~ @ # $ % ^ & * _ + = | \ < > /) 

Such as periods(.), commas(,), and quotation marks(!).

Punctuation traditional comprises of four main types,

Which are as follows:

1. End Punctuation

2. Internal Punctuation

3. Direct quotation Punctuation

4. Word Punctuation

Punctuation rules usually are quite strict, Yet there are occasions when rules can be broken:


When trying to….. convey a feeling…… or adding an effect to your work…….

On the PC, it is easy to achieve any effect.

End Punctuation is a breeze with Grammarly

Or the use of Capitals, periods or full stop, question marks, or exclamation points to indicate the beginning or end of a sentence.

End punctuation rules.

Require a period or full stop at

The end of simple assertions or commands.

I am leaving now.

Call me tonight. 

I am finished. 

Money rules the world.


Interrogative statements end with a question mark.


What time is it?

Why do I need a Web Site? 

Who is Otto Brinkmeier?

Where is the question mark located on the keyboard? 


And finally, Strong emotional assertions end with an exclamation point.



I am Hurt! 

That is great! 

Boy! Am I excited!

Get Rich Quick!


Internal Punctuation, No Sweat, when You have Grammarly!

Clarifies the structure of a sentence employing commas,

semicolons and other marks. Many people get confused with this one, yet to those in the know, it is simple. A Comma separates the main clause joined with the co-coordinating conjunctions and, or, nor, but, for and so


The rain continued for three weeks, but the Dam wall held.

The Second Punic War, or Hannibalic War (218 -201).


The semicolon also separates main clauses joined with a conjunctive adverb.

Such as however, nevertheless or therefore


The rain lasted for three weeks; nevertheless, the Dam wall held.


A semicolon separates long introductory phrases and clauses from the primary requirement.


Immediately upon learning that the rain would continue falling,  the sluice gates were opened. 


Commas are also used to set off nonrestrictive, or non-essential, elements of a sentence.


Mr Brinkmeier, who is a self-taught writer, can speak three languages.


Please note!

If the expression is restrictive or essential,

to the meaning of the sentence.

Then the commas are not used.

People who live in glass houses should not cast stones.


Commas are used to separate items in a series.


Otto campaigned vigorously, widely, and successfully, to promote his eBooks.


The second comma in the last example is optional

Thus many writers would omit it.

Commas are also used to separate adjectives which co-ordinate, or modify the noun separately.


This is a hot, sultry, disagreeable weather. 


Commas set off items in dates and addresses.


January 18, 1963, is his birth date.

He lives at 27 Stanton Street, Turffontein, Johannesburg.


Using the colon is like eating Pie With Grammarly.

Separate a grammatically complete clause,

From a second one that illustrates or amplifies the first.

Please do the following things: make a list of ideas,

write them down, think about how to implement them and then do it.

Colons are also used in the salutations of Letters and Email.


(Dear Sir/Madam: )


In expressions of clock time

(10:10 A.M.) 

Dashes or parentheses are used to

Set off phrases that abruptly interrupt a sentence.


This fellow-I forgot his name-sells E-Books.

Otto bought potato salad, 

{all Germans like Potato salad} to supplement his sausage.

Direct Quotation Punctuation, Let Grammarly Help.

Usually is indicated by double quotation marks.


Otto said, “ebook writing is like riding a bicycle.” 

Single quotation marks enclose a quotation within a quotation.


Otto said, “Remember what Henry Ford said, ‘Get the other person’s point of view and see things from his angle as well as your own.’”


When several Paragraphs are quoted, quotation marks are

used at the beginning of each paragraph and at the end of the final paragraph.

Quotation marks are also used to set off titles of poems,

short stories and parts of longer works.


“The E-Book Writers Handbook” is a training guide by Otto Brinkmeier.” 

There is a chapter in Otto Brinkmeier’s book about Punctuation called “Direct Quotation Punctuation.”


Brackets are used to set off editorial remarks in quoted material.


She said, “I have read all of his [Shakespeare’s] plays.”


As a general rule, a comma or period is always placed inside quotation marks, but a colon or semicolon is always placed outside quotation marks.

A dash, question mark, or exclamation point is placed inside the quotation marks when it applies only to the quotation, but outside the quotation marks, if it refers to the whole sentence.


He said, “Where is the yahoo server?” 

Didn’t he say, “200.00 Dollars in one week, or your money back”?


Word Punctuation, Grammarly To The Rescue!


Requires the use of Italics, capitals, apostrophes and hyphens

to identify words that have a particular purpose or grammatical function.

(Underlining in handwritten or typed manuscripts)

Italics indicate the titles of books, newspapers, magazines,

musical compositions, and motion pictures.


Catcher in the Rye.

New York Times

.Net Magazine.




Names of Ships, aircraft and spaceships are also italicised.


Spirit of St. Louis. 


Star Ship Enterprise.


The first word of a sentence or line of poetry,

and the pronoun ‘I’ is always capitalised, capitals are also

used for proper nouns such as names, races, nationalities,

places organisations, holidays and specific religious terms

is also capitalised






African Oak Publishers.

Freedom Day.

Heavenly Father.

Don’t Want to learn all these rules? – Enter Grammarly

The Keyboard is Mightier than The Pen

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