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Welcome to Plebware Network

Plebware Is A Friend,

                             - Of The People.


PlebCulture is a term, we have coined, to describe the Plebware Revolution, that we are promoting!

Its not a revolution, that promotes war, nor resistance.

On the contrary, it is a revolution about!

Creating Identity, Unity, and Goodwill towards our fellow man.

Plebeians have been around, from the dawn of time, and probably will always, be around.

The Plebware Movement, is about, just that! Common – Ordinary People!

Its about the peasant, the vulgar, common, everyday man and woman.

It is our way, to instill pride, amongst the worker classes, of this world.

Its a way to create, a sense of self worth, a sense of belonging, a way, for Ordinary Folk…

It's sole purpose is for, Plebs and Plebware, to become noticed, within the context of the Global village.

Yes! Its A Cyber Revolution!

But its also a self awareness program.
It is a Resource Center for The masses

Designed to aid God's creatures, find Software and Personal Guidance.
It will help you, to find good, in an evil and corrupt society.

If You are an average Joe, a Plain Jane or just the next Bloke or Gal.

Then might have something for you.

If You are a Follower of Jesus Christ,
Yes! If You call yourself, a disciple of Jesus Christ, then it could be your next social network.

Christian Disciples, here is an opportunity, to become involved, in Cyber Ministry.

If You are a Home Computer User.
It will be your quick stop, for Free and Open Source Software.

Software that has been, Tried and Tested, by The Plebware Inner Core.

If You want to have the Best Computer in town.
Loaded with, most of the common, Software.
Software, that will empower You, to do Just about anything,
you desire, with your Personal Computer.
You will want to get Your hands on a PlebVersion.

If You are a Music Lover, DJ, Or Music Producer.
You will find others, like yourself, here too!
One of the few, commercial Software Applications, we support is FL Studio.
So if you use FL Studio it will be one more music resource site to bookmark.
We distribute, all of our FLP projects, in Zipped format, right here on Plebware.

Otto Brinkmeier and Jullian De Villiers!
Plebware's Founders have spent, years researching and tweaking this network to get it just right.

It has been, nearly 14 years, since we decided, to start this project.

With literally, thousands of hours, spent, doing research and development.

Product Creation, Software Testing, Electronic Book Creation, Wallpaper Creation, Windows sound creation, and General Media production.

It is almost Ready! We are going Public! Plebware is opening its doors!
All Plebs are welcome!



Plebware is Finalizing its PlebVersion 3.5.04

The PlebMachine™ Revolution Is Here!

Due to Electrical Outages, outdated Software and Various Bugs…
The PlebVersion is again being postponed…

Change Log

--Modified PlebVersion Icon.
--Created New Wallpapers and PlebVersion Windows theme.
--Changed PlebMedia Instructions.
-- Created PlebVersion Installer Graphic.
--Removed Free Video Suite From Installer due to PUP Open Candy.
--Created Gizmo Toolbar Installer named it PlebMedia DeviceFinalizer30.
--Rewrote this Manual 02/10/2016.
--Created New Gizmo Toolbar Components.
--Created New PlebMechanic Interface.
--Created New Folders For PlebTree.
--Added 45 New PlebTerms™ to PlebDictionary.
--Replicator License Not Open Source Nor Free - (Removed From Distribution).
--Created New PlebLaunchers.
--Recreated CarePack.
--Recreated MediaPack.
--Edited This Manual some more, adding Change Log Entries.
--Modified Carroll Dearstone's Compact AutoRunner v1.0PlebTuition Console™
--Modified Carroll Dearstone's Compact AutoRunner v1.0PlebWebConsole
--Modified Carroll Dearstone's Compact AutoRunner v1.0PlebTreeConsole™
--Modified Carroll Dearstone's Compact AutoRunner v1.0PlebMechanicConsole™
--Modified Carroll Dearstone's Compact AutoRunner v1.0PlebMacInstaller™
--Modified Carroll Dearstone's Compact AutoRunner v1.0PlebMediaConsole™
--Modified Carroll Dearstone's Compact AutoRunner v1.0PlebArtConsole™
--Modified Carroll Dearstone's Compact AutoRunner v1.0PlebMasterConsule™
--Modified Carroll Dearstone's Compact AutoRunner v1.0 - PlebWriterConsole™
--Modified Carroll Dearstone's Compact AutoRunner v1.0PlebWindowsConsole™
--Explanatory Test on CCleaner Browser Jack attempt.
--Remove Raporteer From Care Pack Move to PlebWebConsole.
--Added Close Gizmo Link to Gizmo Launcher.
--Added PlebVersion Benefits Chapter.
--Added Funds For Future Development And Sustainability Chapter.
--Added Browser Jack Section.
--Added Information on New PlebLaunchers™ – PlebConsoles™.
--Retested PlebVersion for 7
th Time.
--Added More User Functionally Features To PlebMachine™


Plebware has become much more than Software or online resources

It Is A New Way To Utilize The PC (Personal Computer) It Is A Revolution!


The more, we research the PlebMachine™ concept
The more, we realize that the Ultimate PlebMachine won't be cheap.
Nor easily created by the average Home User / Plebeian / aka Pleb


These Facts However, Do Not Exclude Anyone From Owning One.

A PlebMachine

Is A Computer that is easy to set up…
Using Our Patented PlebVersion™ Software…

This will be achieved by:
Using our easy to follow guidelines, as found here on the Plebware Website.


Plebware Fans and Followers, would immediately recognise this site as:
Being part of PlebNet™ which includes elsewhere on the Plebware Network – Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google Plus…


A PlebMachine can easily be created…

The PlebMachine™ is a direct development resulting from:

Plebware's Revolutionary Software Distribution System
Originally know as PlebPacks™

As the PlebMachine™s development progressed from concept into reality.
Various new category's were born within the
New defining words had to be coined and Trademarked.

As such Plebware had to create its own PlebDictionary™
To catalogue this PlebGlosary™ and its various PlebWords™.


PlebArt™ PlebBook™ PlebCause™ PlebChow™ PlebCooler™ PlebChurch™ PlebDevotional™ PlebFont™ PlebGraffito™ PlebJock™ PlebMedia™ PlebMix™ PlebSounds™ PlebStable™ PlebStep™ PlebStudy™ PlebThreads™ PlebTrinket™ PlebTune™PlebVerted™ PlebWasher™


Presently the PlebMachine consists and contains a myriad of features
Designed for Productivity, Ease Of Use, and Functionality.



If asked to use one word to describe Our Commercial Versions
we would probably have to say: Convenience!

You Are Paying For Convenience”


What Convenience?

Time Saved Downloading and installing media…


  • Here how cost effects convenience...Using The PlebDisk™ Version as an example

    1. Download (Same Day) Cost – FREE

      However—You Carry All Production Costs:

      Downloading Image burn or Gizmo, DVD, Jewel Case, Disk labelling etc.

    2. Courier (3-21 Days) Cost - $99.95

(Data, DVD, Jewel Case, Disk labelling Courier Service – Included in Price)

Postage (2-3 Weeks) Cost - $69.95

(Data, DVD, Jewel Case, Disk labelling Postage Cost – Included in Price)

Commercial Versions Come in 3 Flavours.

Presently consisting of:

- PlebDiskCourier Cost - $99.95 Postage Cost - $69.95

- PlebStickCourier Cost - $99.95 Postage Cost - $69.95

- PlebMemCourier Cost - $99.95 Postage Cost - $69.95

- PlebISOSmaller in size Requires Burning To DVD.

- PlebZIP
Includes PlebISO & software to Create A PlebMachine Without Buying Anything Extra.


Free Distributions will be available for download also




By using these Distributions to perform a PlebconVersion™ or by:
Using any number of Smaller PlebVersion™ Packs…
Anyone can turn any PC, or computer into a PlebMachine™.
Packed with Features it allows for:-


  • Bible Study.

  • Personal Studies.

  • Desktop Publishing.

  • Social Networking.

  • Graphic Design.

  • Website Design.

  • Website Maintenance.

  • Online Trading.

  • Limited Music Editing.

  • DVD and CD Ripping And Burning.


It is also a fully fledged Multimedia Centre

More than capable of playing audio and video files with ease.

Presently there are only Microsoft Window Versions, however there are plans for Linux and Mac Versions as well as dual and multiple Operating System Versions.


Plebware Tuition™

Our own Outcome Based Learning System,
Initially focused on Theological Studies and Computer Literacy…
Will have:
(PlebChamiloCollege™) and Offline (PlebSchool™) Components.

Since the
PlebMachine will have integrated Plebware Tuition Modules.
Some Free (Most Christian Tuition will be free) others will carry a small cost.
All Plebware Tuition Modules will be Digital packages and thus will be:
Bought Online, Downloaded And Installed Automatically
Into our Patented PlebTree™ folder structure


Right Now A Windows Based PlebMachine is supplied with the following Apps:



Expansion Packs and Plebware Tuition

DisciplePack™ (Powered by e Sword)







Windows Enhancements

  • Theme Packs

  • Wallpaper Packs

  • Windows Sound Packs

LibreOffice Expansion Packs


  • Writer's Templates.

  • Accountant's Templates

  • Presentation Templates




Free Website Visitors

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We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please join or login if you have joined before.

Plebware Supports Natural Bodybuilding

Human Aesthetics


Vitruvian Man, completed in 1490
Vitruvian Man, completed in 1490


Calling all Ordinary Citizens

Inhabitants of Cyberville
Please Sign Up!

Have You been called a Pleb? 

That's because it is an endearing term
For Common Folks Like Us

Seriously Now!
Plebware is created for Newbies
As Well As Seasoned Geeks
You don't have to talk in Hash Tag
English is preferred

  • Joining is Free
  • We Respect Your Privacy
  • Free Software
  • Free PC Literacy Gained
  • Private Forums
  • Members chat
And much more.....



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