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Tired Of Working On:
 A Boring PC

Perhaps its time to switch to A PlebMachine™

Windows 7 With PlebMachine™

By Otto Brinkmeier posted March 19, 2019

Standard Desktop

PlebMachine My Computer
PlebMachine Recycle Bin
PlebMachine Trolley - All App launcher
PlebMachine Desktop Shifter
Power Control with 5 second delay and Refresh
PlebMachine Analog Clock - Interface Switcher
Digital Clock

 PlebMachine™ Feature Selector

By Otto Brinkmeier posted March 19, 2019
PlebMachine HUD

   PlebMachine HUD

       PlebMachine - Everyday Station
       PlebMachine - Internet Station
       PlebMachine - Extended Station
       PlebMachine - Tutorials

PlebMachine™ Everyday Station

By Otto Brinkmeier posted March 20, 2019

Everyday Station Features:

Listen To Music, Play Simple Games, Practice DJ, Browse The web,
Format Music Video or Images, Discover Freedom, Watch a Movie

PlebMachine Everyday Station

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