Christian Media Development Crew!


We Create Create most types of Media – Graphics | Software Distributions | Audio | Video | PDF Books | To MENTION but a few…





Media Development

We Do Media Development,

Mostly for Corporate Clients

Limited Data Recovery

We do do a certain amount of Data recovery, specializing in Photo and MP3 recovery.

Copy Creation and Writing

We create Copy for Websites,

Software Manuals and other writing projects.


Promote The Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Promote Cooking Via our PlebChow Page and Social Media

Create Homemade Woodworking Machines


Our PlebMachine Project was created to make the life of the Windows PC end user easier.
It is about Convenience, Productivity, Portability and Enjoyment!

More than 11 years have gone into this project, Our First Public PlebMachines™ should be released towards Year end…

Software or any Media Deployment

We Specialize in Open Source and Freeware Distribution, Creating Packs – PlebPacks

This Is a field we have been involved in for more than 12 years, creating Windows Installers.
Making Software deployment a breeze, we can deliver any media to an end users Windows PC

Global Reach

Our Physical Location is in Johannesburg South Africa, our Website is located In The USA

– Hosted by GreenGeeks a truly Green Hosting Company

Using the Internet, we are able to deliver anywhere in the world as all of our products and services can be done online.
We are a truly Online Enterprise

PlebCore™ – PlebJocks™

We might not be Beethoven or Bach, but we are capable of producing audio, specializing in Audio enhancement

Sounds is what we specialize in, Risers, Drops, Special effects, We also Do Audio Tracks for Video Presentations

“If It Is Too Loud! Your’e Too Old”

Photo Editing

We also provide a Photo Editing Service where we remove access metadata from jpg images and clean up photos for website deployment.
We can also fix some lighting errors and sharpen up images, that doesn’t look too great (Not Blurry and Shakky photos)
We also create Photo Slide shows with the music of your choice to commemorate special occasions, like Weddings, 21st Birthdays or any other occasion you would like to have a Video of.

Some Screen Shots Of Our PLEBMACHINE™

Started Development in 2011 – Only recently approaching Completion

PlebMachine™ Giant Steam Punk Clock
PlebMachine™ Off Desktop Wallpaper Changer
Game Wallpaper Switcher
New PlebMachine™ Menu Launcher